The FODDER solutions System brings together the benefits of sprouting grains and seeds using hydroponics to produce a high quality fodder to enhance animal production in a healthier manner.

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Did You know! 

Fodder Solutions operates its very own 3000kg/day fully automated fodder growing facility in Toowoomba QLD Australia. Fodder is sold everyday from this facility to race horse trainers and horse studs.



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Fodder Solutions is a business that is at the forefront of developing innovative products for the production of high quality animal and livestock feed. Whether you are a farmer looking to find economical, sustainable alternatives to traditonal feeds or a horse race trainer looking for superior performance and nutrition, Fodder Solutions has the right product for you.

The science shows that there is great nutritional benefit provided by Fodder Solutions' hydroponic sprouted grain and is suitable for all livestock including, sheep, cattle, horses, goats, lamas chickens with improved growth and overall health. The Fodder Solutions hydroponic system of producing high quality ,ecomical animal feed is particularly suited to environments that experience drought, land shortages, short growing seasons and climate difficulties. A fodder solutions systemwill give you, year round, super nutritous feed for your animals at a great price.

These on-farm fodder factory systems can be manufactured anywhere in the world under licence and present a remarkable business opportunity for entrepreneurial manufacturing businesses looking for new markets and product diversification.Fodder Solutions Systems offer liverstock owners fresh, clean reliable feed solutions no matter the weather

The secret is out that the Fodder Solutions Systems offer liverstock owners fresh, clean reliable feed solutions no matter the weather. Click here to read the whole article.

Barley Sprouts Proves itself as a Performance Feed!

Superior feed solutions for racehorses

Titans Gold wins at the Sunshine Coast 1600mt 28/06/09

Grow your own superior feed for as little as 11c/kg! 

  • The FODDERsolutions system has been designed specifically for growing sprouts hydroponically.
  • Research and years of practical application has taken the guess work out of growing a low cost highly nutritious feed on farm. User friendly semi-automated systems mean less work for you.
  • Fresh green feed in only 2 easy steps
  • Lease a system for flexibility.

* System leasing to approved purchases only. Repayments may vary depending on the purchase price, the term of lease and the individual circumstances.

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Watch a video of the Fodder Solutions system:

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